Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to join Oriflame in India

Earning from Oriflame!

Do you wish to earn 25,000 from Oriflame or do you intend to earn 25,000 from Oriflame?

Wish means no commitment. Intention means commitment.
Wish is like hoping. Intention is like focused attention and action.

To gain someting substantial from your time investment in the Oriflame business you need to have a strong reason. If your foundation is strong, you will be ultra successful.

How to join Oriflame in India

You will get complete guidance, training and coaching from your upline. This will benefit you most when you have a strong purpose. You need to have a goal that makes you excited every time you think about it.

Do you want a new flat, new car, foreign trip or big montly income from Oriflame? Clearly see what you want in front of your eyes. When you have a strong and clear goal you will absorb more from Oriflame trainings and meetings.

You will be unstopable when things dont go your way. You will keep working with enthusiasm and eventually reach your goal. When you want to be more motivated, revisit your goals, visualize them and get back into action.

Get connected to your 'why' for becoming an Oriflame Consultant. You want to be independent or richer or what ever is it that you want, keep pushing forward towards your goals.

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